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We’re dedicated to providing you with the best dental experience, every time

At Nu Dentistry, we're prepared to give you a dental experience unlike any you've ever had. From the moment you walk through our front doors, our kind and caring staff greet you with a smile and streamline the check-in process. You'll never have to wait more than a handful of minutes before seeing your dentist.

Here you will find a fun and relaxed office that was designed with you in mind. Our goal is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to help you enjoy your visits throughout your journey to a beautiful new smile. Each of our individual patient suites is entirely private, with etched glass doors that keep your discussions with your dentist safely between the two of you.

We also furnish each room with two television screens ready to stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other available platforms. They're stationed one in front of you and one mounted above you on the ceiling so that you can always watch whether you're sitting upright or lying back during your procedure. We also offer wireless Bluetooth headphones to help you fully emerge yourself in your favorite TV shows and movies, even mid-treatment.

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that you'll receive optimum results as well. We are proud to use the latest technology such as iTero, digital impressions, and all digital x-rays in our very own office. We try to keep everything as in-house as we can, including our dental implant surgeries, cosmetic dentistry options, and even our patient payment programs, so that everything is easily accessible and convenient for you.

Are you ready to schedule an appointment at our incredible, modern office? Connect with our dental team at (832) 916-4144 to book your next visit today!"

Our Top-Of-The-Line Technologies

Our modern Houston dental office is designed with our patients' total comfort in mind. We're not content with just satisfactory dental care—we make sure that we're unmatched in our field. Nu Dentistry is equipped with the latest and greatest dental technologies, devices, and techniques to guarantee you always get the most efficient and comprehensive care possible. All of our treatments are painless. When you come in for your dental treatment, we don't just content ourselves with your local anesthesia fully numbing the area to be worked on.

We make sure that administering your anesthesia is just as painless, too! Instead of using scary-looking needles like other dental offices, all of our dentists use Dentapen applicators, which release the numbing agent gently and slowly to significantly reduce any discomfort you may feel. We also apply every method we can, from warming up the anesthesia beforehand to totally camouflaging the injection with DentalVibe

to make everything as smooth and painless for you as possible. Our dentists understand that a trip to the dentist can seem daunting, so we stop at nothing to ensure your total comfort and satisfaction. For those patients with dental anxiety or who want to complete multiple procedures in a single visit, we also have available upon request several safe and relaxing sedation options. From laughing gas and oral sedation to both conscious and unconscious IV sedation, our dentists are fully prepared to help you stay calm and comfortable, both in body and mind, throughout your visit.

Do you have any other questions about the amazing technologies we have in our Houston office? Don't hesitate to give us a call at (832) 916-4144! We're eager to share with you everything we've put together for your benefit.

We’re The Dental Team Who’s Always On Your Side

No one knows how to take care of your beautiful smile quite like us

When you come to Nu Dentistry, you receive a dental team who are fully committed to delivering you the best dental care possible. Everything from the design of our office to our staff’s patient and friendly demeanors put you at ease and let you know that you’re in good hands. We employ only the newest techniques and technologies during your treatments, and our incredible entertainment options ensure you actually have fun, even during root canal or extraction. If you have any questions or concerns about your next steps, we’re always happy to answer them with a smile. At our Houston office, we fully dedicate ourselves to giving you the best dental experience you’ve ever had. Period.

  • Is your dental office open Saturdays?

    At Nu Dentistry, our dentists understand that not everyone can come in during their 8am to 5pm work days. After all, we know that you’re just as busy as us! That’s why, in addition to our normal weekday hours, we’re also open on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm. We want to make sure that you’re always able to get the treatment you need, without all the stress of rearranging your schedule or using your precious sick and vacation days.

  • How often should you go to the dentist?

    You should be scheduling your next appointments at least every 6 months for your general cleaning and exam. This is the perfect amount of time for our expert dentists to clean your teeth of any acid, bacteria, or plaque buildup that wants to weaken and damage them. For some patients with a history of extensive dental work, however, your hygienist or dentist may recommend that you come in to see us every 3 or 4 months. This preventative care ensures that your smile stays happy and healthy more successfully.

  • Do you take walk-in appointments?

    We pride ourselves on our ability to make sure no one spends more than 5 minutes in our waiting room, walk-ins included. Nu Dentistry follows a philosophy of total convenience for all of our patients, and we take it to heart from the moment you come through our front doors. We always leave a little leeway in our schedules, especially for dental emergencies, to make sure everyone gets the attention and care they need immediately.

  • What procedures can dentists do at your office?

    Nu Dentistry keeps everything as in-house as we can, meaning we offer our patients a wide range of procedures to their total satisfaction. Some of our available treatments include general hygiene appointments, deep cleanings, cosmetic treatments like Invisalign, whitening, and veneers, crowns and root canals, tooth extractions, dental implants, dentures, and sedation dentistry. If you have any inquiries about our full list of procedures, call our office today at (NUMBER) to speak to one of our expert staff.

  • Does your dental office accept PPO insurance?

    Yes, our office accepts all PPO insurance. We want to give our patients the chance to get the best treatment and level of coverage possible without worrying about networks or referrals from insurance specialists.

  • Can a dentist give you something for anxiety?

    Our dentists understand that it can be nerve wracking coming in for a treatment, especially if you have dental anxiety. To help soothe your fears and relax your mind, we have a variety of safe dental sedation options, including laughing gas and oral sedation. We put your comfort as our top priority because we want to make sure that your experience with us is always the best.


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